"Getting into the Right College is More Stressful and Competitive than Ever"

- US News and World Report

It’s different for this generation.

College application volumes have doubled in the last decade.
Acceptance rates at top schools have dropped in half.
A college degree costs 12 times what it did a generation ago.
Only 4 of 10 college students will graduate in 4 years.
One in three students will end up transferring.

This is harder than its ever been before.

ObiCoach can help for under $20/mo ›

What You Get

Expert Guidance through an otherwise daunting process
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Identify the Best Options

Verify your Choice of Major
Uncover More and Better School Options
Determine your Perfect Fit

Build an Awesome App

Test your Best
Score Great Teacher Recs
Craft Incredible Essays

Maximize Financial Aid

Clarify the Path through the Morass
Expand your Sources
Find More Scholarship Money

Ace your College Apps with Obi in your Pocket

Spend less time worrying and more focusing on your future.

Save Time

Students and parents are busy. Obi is the expert so you don’t have to become one. 1000’s of hours of research and extensive expertise have gone into ObiCoach. Spend less time searching and more time doing.

Stay on Track

Start early and stay ahead with big tasks broken into quick manageable steps.
Obi will keep all your deadlines organized and provide reminders to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Take the Stress Out

We reduce the inevitable stress in this challenging process. We know what steps to take and when to take them. Parents can rest easy as students own and drive the process with confidence.

How it Works

ObiCoach is more than just a coach,
it’s a way of thinking.
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Simply Text "Free Trial" to 650-288-0080

Parents or Students can enroll. No apps to download.

ObiCoach takes initiative

A couple times a week we will initiate conversations via text. A conversation usually only takes a few minutes and may include some simple follow up or research.

Obi works with your schedule

We will work with you to find a good time to cover a topic. If you need to take a break, or start at a different time, we are available for you 24/7.

Obi keeps you on track

We use text reminders to help you follow up and keep on schedule.

With ObiCoach you are always in control

We have a schedule in mind - but if you want to go faster - or tackle the next subject right away - we are ready when you are!

One Step at a Time

Amazingly Simple Use

Easy conversations help you take bite-sized chunks of big decisions.

Zero in over time

Our process will help you make the right decisions for the right reasons.

Find your own Path

ObiCoach helps find your way at your pace. Our approach doesn't just give you an answer, but helps find your personalized path.

Make the Process More Manageable

Deciding your college future shouldn't be a burden - we help make it an exciting exploration.

Sometimes Life Happens

Everybody leads crazy busy lives these days.

Application processes are more complex and convoluted than ever.

ObiCoach is flexible, and can work when you want to.

ObiCoach is persistent, and makes sure you don’t fall behind and wish you hadn’t.

ObiCoach keeps you on top of these big decisions and ahead of the game.

Everything you need to find the perfect fit
Check out the full Curriculum here

Test Prep

PSAT, SAT, ACT - Which to take and when? How to prepare for free.

College Apps

Apply early? What's my major? How to get great recs and write captivating essays.

College Choice

Which is the right school for me? How many apps? What's my reach? My safety?

Financial Aid

What can we afford? How to get the best package and the most scholarship money.

College Readiness

Practical ways to improve study skills and time management, build healthy habits and adopt the right mindset.

Students love Obi's expertise at their fingertips

and Obi’s help staying on course.

Obi’s follow-up text reminders make it so easy to keep on track. Coaching by text works for a busy life.

ObiCoach helps students to think beyond the traditional choices and gives them the confidence to reach for a great school.

Summarizing your whole life into a few short essays and test scores is a scary prospect. Obi students produce applications they are proud to send in.

Mom and Dad may have their ideas about schools and majors, but Obi helps the student decide what they want to be and where they want to go.

Parents love that their student owns the process

and that Obi keeps them informed.

The college process can be so stressful for everyone. Obi reduces the friction in the household by keeping everyone on track and informed.

When expecting to spend over $100,000 on an education, spending an extra $20/month on Obi is a smart investment.

Who has the time to become an expert on a college process that has become so complex and convoluted? Obi provides the expertise and individualized attention that is needed.

Managing the process through the phone really makes sense. Students are always on the phone anyway – and are now getting more value from it.

Students should drive the process – so they pick a major and a school that they really want. Obi also helps make sense of the financial aid complexity. Well worth it.

World-class advice at a great price

ObiCoach will be the best college investment you ever make.
You will get to the right school and get the most out of it. Our technology means Obi’s coaching is available 24/7, at less than $20 a month.

Even top professional athletes benefit from great coaching.

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  • Applications: Test Taking, Teacher Recs, and Essay Help
  • Obi Calendar and Obi Reminders
  • Finances: FAFSA help, Finding Scholarships
  • Readiness: Time Management, Study Skills



  • Live Coaches to Review Draft App Essays
  • Live Coaches to Advise on College Options

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