Frequently Asked Questions

Most students sign up as juniors in high school. Obi will customize the schedule for each student and can start with students as early as sophomore year and as late as seniors. Obi can even customize the schedule for a student already out of high school and looking to head off to college.
Students will select two times a week, for example Tuesday/Thursday nights at 7pm or Monday/Wednesday at 8pm. Obi will initiate conversations at those times. The student will also select a “make-up” time in case conversations are missed.
There is a lot of variation across topics. Some take as little as a few minutes, while others may take as much as an hour including the follow up work. Follow up work at the end of Obi chats may include items such as completing research on a college or doing free practice SAT problems.
Obi is quite flexibile. Students can simply respond to the text when they are free or reschedule as necessary. If the message gets ignored for too long – Obi will ping again and/or reschedule as appropriate to make sure the topic gets covered.
You can see the full curriculum on the menu above under Curriculum. Obi will develop a customized schedule for each student. Students and Parents can see the custom schedule on their dashboard once they begin the service.
Absolutely! Many conversations are available on demand and can be launched by the student from their dashboard. Students can repeat a conversation later if they wish.
The student owns the process and will ultimately determine where they get in. Obi can help the student better prepare for tests, get better teacher recs, write better essays and get their apps in on time. Obi will help find schools that are a good fit.
Obi can be a great supplement to private coaches or great guidance counselors. Obi’s technology makes it easy to navigate and provides helpful reminders. Obi covers many areas that sometimes personal coaches don’t have time to cover with their students. Why not give it a try? The price is reasonable and a free trial is available.
You can check out the ObiCoach team in the menu above. ObiCoach content was assembled based on tremendous expertise and experience plus thousands of hours of thorough research. Obi also loves to save you time by providing you with links to great publicly available information. A lot of the value Obi brings is through “curation” – which means we have researched and found most of the great info that is out there and will just point you straight to it.
We believe quality time should be spent on assessing fit and making important choices about majors and schools – not searching and sorting through website after website determining the relevance of endless intricacies and nuances. We have done the research for you so you can spend your time productively.
We believe it’s important that we work for you. We don’t “monetize” by selling your information, or pushing certain schools or certain other services.
Obi's content and advice was developed by live coaches, but the actual text exchanges are leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding to deliver that content
We are delivering a product of the highest quality. Private college coaches can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. ObiCoach was founded on the idea that technology should make this kind of advice widely available and accessible.