Our Philosophy

ObiCoach was founded by a passionate group of parents who wanted better options to help students navigate what has become a complex and convoluted college application process.

We believe new messaging technology provides a perfect solution to deliver high quality “private college coach” guidance at a reasonable accessible price point.

We believe quality time should be spent on assessing fit and making important choices about majors and schools – not searching and sorting through seemingly endless intricacies and nuances.

We believe it’s important that we work for you. We don’t “monetize” by selling your information, or pushing certain schools or certain other services.

We believe the student should own the process, that the parents should stay informed, and that technology can help make this happen seamlessly.

We understand this is a difficult, emotional and stressful process for students and parents alike and that a well-designed set of tools can help make the process the exciting and fulfilling exploration it should be.


Obi-Author, Content Developer. Experienced College Coach.
Parent of two. UC Davis BA. San Diego State MS in School Counseling. Been helping students get into college with weekend seminars for many years.


Co-Founder, VP Operations.
Parent of two. Stanford BS and MA. Lifelong coach and builder. A decade of experience coaching teens & tweens; two decades of developing adult professionals and organizing critical projects for companies. Works to keep things simple and focused.


Co-Founder, CEO
Parent of two, Stanford BS and MS, experienced entrepreneur and manager. Helped build his first company to $35B in assets and 12,000+ employees. Built his second to $1B+ in low cost remittances. Ardent believer in leveraging technology to level the playing field and make the world a better place.


Co-Founder, Full stack hacker, back-end development, and user interface.
University of Denver BS. Also well known on the volleyball circuit as JonnyMohawk.


Co-Founder, VP Product.
Parent of two. Stanford BA and Duke MS. She enjoys the finer details of a project, considering every stage of its journey from planning to completion.