College Here I Come: Curriculum Details

Searching Your Soul...and Brainstorming Your Future: Consider your values, interests, strengths, future goals
Personality Survey and Majors Matcher: Complete survey and use new helpful tool
Majors Matcher Results: Evaluate the findings
Evaluate the findings: Watch video interviews of adults in interesting careers
Follow-up on Career Videos: Capture your learnings, explore majors on Big Future
Majors Check-in: Take Interest Profile quiz, explore classes for potential majors
Further Exploration/Find a Mentor: Look further into majors, identify a mentor
Majors Wrap Up: Settle on your (current) list of potential majors
Intro: Developing effective relationships with teachers
Building Brag Sheet: Build a Brag Sheet to get the best recommendations
The Big Ask: Get guidance in requesting rec letters
Reminder: Read helpful Tipsheet, complete the Ask
Confirm all Recs are Requested: Verify all steps are done
Thank You's: Express your heartfelt gratitude
Overview: Compare and understand SAT and ACT
Develop an Initial Test Plan: Plan your process with Obi's guidance
Test Prep Plan: Consider and choose various methods of preparation
SAT2 Subject Tests: Understand the SAT2 and whether should you take them
Setting Target Scores: Explore what scores you need to achieve
Sending Your Scores: Learn about when to submit some vs all scores
Intro to Obi College Fit Worksheet: Introduction to the great tool you'll be using
Create Your Initial List: Brainstorm interesting colleges
Expand Your List: Use the best search tools to find new alternatives
Quick Look - Do They Want Me?: Categorize each school as Reach/Target/Safety
Do I Want Them?: Investigate potential colleges of interest
Create a Balanced Apply List: Evaluate balance of Reach/Target/Safety schools
Dig Deep!: Conduct detailed research and reviews of each college
Demonstrate Interest to Colleges: Connect with schools to improve your odds
Dig Deep Continued: … for additional colleges on your list
Consider "Outside the Box" College Criteria: Find more criteria to help guide your choices
Rank Your College List: ...based on Fit for YOU
Update Your College Fit List: Evaluate and settle on your final Apply List
Importance of College Visits: Learn about increased student engagement, motivation and college success
Planning for a College Visit: Prepare thoroughly for a successful trip
Going on a Campus Visit: Get the most from yor visit
Campus Visit Follow-up: Evaluate and capture what you learned from your visit
Approaching Financial Aid: Get acquainted with the Primer, and why EVERYONE should apply
Master the Basics, Set Up the Best Process: Start early and plan a vital discussion
Money – For What? From Where?: Create a good list of each for appropriate planning
Timelines for the Financial Aid Process: Get things started in a timely manner
(Quick and Easy Steps) Estimate Your Costs:...using a net price calculator (what is that?)
(Even Quicker and Easier) Estimate your Aid: Learn and use the universal forecaster
Get Your Free Money - Scholarships!: Who wants free money? Explore sources
Understand & Complete Your FAFSA: Complete Step One to getting aid
Understand & Complete Your CSS PROFILE: Do a little more work - for perhaps a lot more aid
Compare Your Financial Aid Offers: Check that all is included, then compare apples to apples
Tickler: Introduce essay prompts, suggest collecting ideas throughout summer
College Essays are Different: Explaining goals and format of college essays
Excellent Essay Tips: Instruction on how to write a good essay
Advice on Common App Prompts: A walk through the Common App prompts
Advice on UC Prompts: A walk through the UC essay prompts
Multiple Brainstorming Techniques: Choose from four possible brainstorming exercises
New Brainstorming Exercises: Four more brainstorming exercises
Write a Rough Draft: Write a rough draft
Enhancing Your First Draft: Tips on editing first draft
Tips on Careful Proofreading: Tips on careful proofreading
Essay Time Management Tool: Review requirements for each college on apply list
Supplemental Essay Tips: How to write a supplemental essay
Plan for Completing All Essays: Guidance to complete rest of main essays
What You Need to Know About Applications
Checking for Errors
Is It Smart to Apply Early? Explain terms and introduce the decision process
Review Intended Apply List: Balance your safety/target/reach schools
Create Application Deadline Spreadsheet: Collect deadlines and documentation/letters needed for each college
Evaluate Early Action/Decision Options: Look at potential EA/ED, homework to discuss with parents
Decide Early Action/Decision Schools: Decide which schools will be EA/ED
Personal Application Timeline: Choose personal due dates
Tips on Presenting Extracurriculars
Practical Advice on Filling Out Applications Tips and Ready List
Important Transcript and Letters Follow Up Follow up on transcripts and letters
Send Mid-Year Transcript
Send Final Transcript


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