"Creating a Balanced List"

Weekend Workshop to Create your Ideal College Apply List

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Ideal solution for today's college admissions process

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Work from home on your schedule. No meetings to rush off to. No need to accommodate someone else’s calendar.


Surprisingly in-depth expertise right at your fingertips. Conveniently leverage the latest modern technology with Google Classroom, chat, video, tip-sheets and templates.


A “no-brainer” investment.
Let us help you create better options come decision time.
Success in College is all about Fit

What You Get

Expert Guidance through an otherwise daunting process


Determine/Confirm Major and Career Interests
Create Initial College List
Identify Additional Options


Assess Fit
Do they want you? Do you want them?
Determine Reach, Target, and Safety for you

Dig Deep

Help in Evaluating Colleges
Save time – Quickly Find what you Need
Finalize and Prioritize

Creating a Balanced List: Curriculum

Intro to Obi Majors/Careers Worksheet: Track evolution of majors and career interests
Personality Survey and Majors Matcher: Complete survey and use new helpful tool
Majors Matcher Results: Evaluate the findings
Intro to Obi College Fit Worksheet: Introduction to the great tool you'll be using
Create Your Initial List: Brainstorm interesting colleges
Expand Your List: Use the best search tools to find new alternatives
Quick Look - Do They Want Me?: Categorize each school as Reach/Target/Safety
Do I Want Them?: Investigate potential colleges of interest
Create a Balanced Apply List: Evaluate balance of Reach/Target/Safety schools
Dig Deep!: Conduct detailed research and reviews of each college
Demonstrate Interest to Colleges: Connect with schools to improve your odds
Dig Deep Continued: … for additional colleges on your list
Consider "Outside the Box" College Criteria: Find more criteria to help guide your choices
Create a Balanced Apply List: Evaluate balance of Reach/Target/Safety schools
Finalize Obi College Fit Worksheet: Use tool to rank, prioritize and track changes to your College Apply List

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Creating a Balanced List

  • Weekend Workshop or
  • Fit to your Schedule
  • Identify Schools you hadn't Previously Considered
  • Assess your Fit - Do they want you? Do you want them?
  • Determine Reach, Target or Safety
  • Tips and Tools to Dig Deep as you Research Schools


College Here I Come

  • Complete Solution
  • Quick Weekly Assignments
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Build a Balanced List
  • Find the Perfect Fit
  • Craft Captivating Essays
  • Maximize Financial Aid
  • Keep your Process on Track with Master Schedule and Reminders
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